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With 55 stores in Australia and over 10 million books sold last year, Dymocks is the leading bookseller in Australia.

As a family owned business and the oldest Australian-owned bookstore, Dymocks prides itself on meeting the leisure, learning and gift needs of all booklovers. As a franchised network Every Dymocks store is owned and operated by locals who are extremely well-read and passionate about books. They do more than just sell books but rather support their communities by expanding their reading knowledge.

Dymocks is constantly evolving to keep pace with today’s customer and prides itself on setting the standard in bookselling and leading the way with the same enthusiasm and progressive retail approach that has ensured its business success to this day.

The Dymocks website has been developed into a world-class bookselling site. According to online search agency Hitwise, annually ranks in the top two websites within the category of Australian booksellers.

In addition to being a successful and growing sales channel, the website provides product news, recommendations, customer ratings, recommended reads and promotional information to over 4 million visitors and Booklovers annually.

Dymocks customer reward program is the largest customer database in Australia specifically for Booklovers. It is a tiered, points-based program offering real-time recommendations, incentives and rewards based on customer preferences.


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