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We love playing games, and now we love selling them too. We want to supply the best quality, most fun games to our customers, and we want to help them enjoy playing those games too. We do our very best to get people what they want, when they want it and in the condition they expect it.

Something that is really important for us is getting to know people who play games, strengthening links and friendships between them, and growing the gaming community in New Zealand. Gaming events and board groups are a great way to do those things, because they are occasions that bring new and experienced gamers all together to meet up, try new stuff and, most importantly, have fun. We have a list of gaming groups and pending events on our Community Page.

We hope you will enjoy browsing the website, drool a little if you will, and if you haven’t been to a gaming event, consider going along to the next one. However, above all else, we hope you will simply play more games and have fun doing it.


Freight costs $7 per order in the North and South Islands. This covers the courier ticket and packaging. If your order requires more than one package, the freight cost is still $7 for the entire order. And if your purchase totals $125 or more excluding freight, we won’t charge you a cent to receive your order. Please note that deliveries to any other islands, including Waiheke, Great Barrier and Stewart Islands, will incur an additional charge that we will have to add after purchase. Please contact us first for delivery to any other islands, or if you do put an order through then we will need to arrange the additional charge prior to delivery. This additional charge applies even for purchases of $125 or more.


(pickup not available)