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BoardGameBliss was founded in 2013. We believe that games act as an excellent medium to bring joy to family, children and friends - especially the new modern games. The modern board games that we carry are very different from the traditional board games that we used to play. We carry different types of games that fit different people and age groups. We also import amazing board games from around the world.


Flat rate shipping $8.95 (ON, QC, NS, NB, MB, BC, SK, AB)
Flat rate shipping $14.95 (PE, NL)
Flat rate shipping $19.95 (NT, NU, YU)

Free shipping on order over $150 (ON, QC)
Free shipping on order over $175 (MB, SK)
Free shipping on order over $200 (NS, NB, BC, AB)
Free shipping on order over $300 (PE, NL)

Flat rate shipping to continental US CAD$11.95 - CAD$14.95


Scarborough, ON